New Year’s Knitolutions

My new year’s resolutions are usually the same every year; drink less coffee, lose weight, cut back on this, start doing that… and these resolutions usually end up forgotten or given up on by the end of January.

This year my resolution was to not make any resolutions. I am making knit-olutions instead.

I will refrain from buying more yarn. I have a bit of a S.A.B.L.E. (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy as my knitting friends call it) going on.

Remember that issue with commitment I mentioned previously with the Teeswater? Well, that spills over into my yarn buying. I find myself in a yarn shop/show surrounded by gorgeous yarn that I must have. I can’t resist the colour/fibre/squishiness/or general allure of all those different temptations so end up buying single skeins of several beauties rather than be sensible and buy enough to make that jumper .

So, when it comes to making said jumper, I end up having to buy the yarn to make it, because what I really need is more yarn.

I have boxes of rainbow organised yarn. Those gorgeous sock weight yarns that I know I will use for shawls or socks at some point, to the single skeins of luscious but chunky weight that I know will sit there for another 5 years; occasionally stroked, but otherwise neglected.

Then there is the special drawer. The draw that contains my most favourite that I am hoarding like treasure until I find the perfect pattern that will do them justice. Sometimes I just get the urge to wear them cowl style without even putting them near the needles. Sigh.

So, in summary, I will NOT buy anymore yarn until I have used up a big chunk of what I already have. The hard part is going to be in April, when I know I will not be able to keep away from WonderWool Wales. A rather extensive collection of stall holders selling roving, yarn, fibres and dyes. Another dreamy sigh. But I will be strong. I think. Maybe.

My second vow is to eradicate that evil UFO box (unfinished objects). Thus far I have been quite good. I have finished two WIPs and have devised a plan for the others. I am not allowed to start a new project until one UFO is completed. Actually it has been quite satisfying so far. They have been in that box for so long the reason I stopped has been forgotten. So it kind of feels like having started a new project, completed in half time therefore feeling doubly rewarding.  Two down and, ahem, 7 to go.

I had a mad moment a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t sleep so decided to sort out the unfinished box. In a moment of madness I ripped out 3 shawls. Why? I have no idea. Utter insanity. What was I thinking?

The next resolution is to lean a new knitting skill. But not steeking. There is no way I could ever bring myself to cut my knitting. I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. I’m not sure what I’d like to try out, so as long as it does not involve scissors I am open to suggestions!

The final resolution is not knitting related, but I will include it anyway. That is to learn to use my sewing machine better. Learn how it works, use it more often… I would LOVE an over locker – the amount of clothes I have fallen in love with and thought how simple they look in construction… By the end of the year I hope to have saved enough to buy one and found a kind soul to show me what to do with it. Roll on the hippy, pixie hoods and leafy hems, swirly skirts made from panels of my favourite-but-ripped-beyond-repair ones.

Am I being unrealistic with these Knitolutions? Probably. Will I actually stick to any of them beyond January? Probably not.

But hey, a girl can try.

Do you have any knitolutions? How do you plan to stick to them? Really, I want to know – any tips on sticking to them will be great. I need all the help I can get.

I leave you with a few finished projects from the last couple of months and a belated Happy New Year!

My first attempt at Fair Isle knitting; the 'Phantasy' hat by Torirot Design

My first attempt at Fair Isle knitting; the ‘Phantasy’ hat by Torirot Design

A test knit and second attempt at fair isle,'Mermaid Mittens' by Julie Hamilton

A test knit and second attempt at fair isle,
‘Mermaid Mittens’ by Julie Hamilton

A pair of mitts made for a friend

A pair of mitts made for a friend

Another pair for a friend

Another pair for a friend

The 'Rosaleen Shawl' by the super talented Rachel Coopey, knited with Babylonglegs Semi-Precious DK

The ‘Rosaleen Shawl’ by the super talented Rachel Coopey, knited with Babylonglegs Semi-Precious Dk

Tim's 'Armas' jumper by Mari Muinonen

Tim’s ‘Armas’ jumper by Mari Muinonen



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7 Responses to New Year’s Knitolutions

  1. andresue says:

    “Sometimes I just get the urge to wear them cowl style without even putting them near the needles.” -I’ve never thought about doing this but I just might now! lol.

  2. Love the mermaid mittens especially! I’m impressed. I can only knit scarves in very simple patterns.

  3. torirot says:

    Well done! I shared your Phantasy on my Facebook page:

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