The Enchanted Sole – socks and yarn and mossy trees.


Ok, I know I said I would write about the yarny side of York this time, but I got very excited this morning when a book I have been waiting for arrived today. I had to share!

A friend of mine (find her blog here and her gorgeous designs here ) achieved the impossible several months ago and somehow managed to get me, a total anti-sock knitter, actually knitting socks. I must now admit to having caught the bug.

Browsing for patterns on Ravelry I happened upon a book I had to order; The Enchanted Sole by Janel Laidman. The book contains 20 patterns named after the mythical and magical; names which make my fingers itch and patterns that my cold toes are begging to be wrapped in.

sandstone 206

I haven’t started any yet- I vowed to cast something off before I do , but it seems very informative about techniques used, with images that show the socks clearly and inspiringly  from different angles (with a sprinkle of magic in each background).

It is so much better than I’d hoped for, from the cabled trees in the pattern Lothlorien to the medieval style colour-work of La Licorne or the feminine playfulness of the lace up Galadriel, I have a feeling there are going to be many, many socks on my needles in the upcoming months. I don’t think I have ever found a sock pattern book more, well, enchanting!


Speaking of on the needles though, I’m having a very self-indulgent, proud of myself moment here.

Last year I cast on a pattern called Semele. I couldn’t really follow charts then and the written instructions made my head swim. Three long weeks of trying, frogging and trying again I gave up and hid my WIP in my to-be continued box. I pulled it out again recently frogged it and started again. Guess what? I’m flying through it! Charts seem to have clicked perfectly over the last few months and the shawl, knitted in Babylonglegs Semi-Precious is almost half way through.

Semele in progress

Semele in progress

sandstone 217

sandstone 220


I also thought I would also show you the finished hand spun yarn I mentioned in Wool in the Woods.

Autumn Apple Alpaca - handspun yarn

Autumn Apple Alpaca – handspun yarn

sandstone 208

Getting prepared for the afore mentioned serious sock knitting, the book, and a few other favourite skeins, came for a walk with us today for inspiration.

sandstone 211

Left to right is Posh Yarn’s Martha: 80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon, my hand spun: 100% suri alpaca, Eden Cottage’s BFL sock: 100% blue faced Leicester and Lamington Lass’ sparkle sock: 75% merino/20% nylon/5% stellina.

Lamington Lass’ yarns need to be seen by the way – the colours are beautiful and her photographs display her yarns wonderfully. I have been avoiding both her etsy shop and my other favourite, the Five Moons website for fear of further breaking my new year’s knitolutions.

sandstone 214

Until next time, when I promise I will tell you about the treasure coves of York’s yarn scene, I leave you with a little glimpse of spring…

sandstone 254

sandstone 250

sandstone 256

sandstone 068




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8 Responses to The Enchanted Sole – socks and yarn and mossy trees.

  1. Emma says:

    Hi! Where did you get your Venus of Willendorf stitch markers? I absolutely love them!

  2. the last photograph of the light through the trees down the laneway touches a lovely place inside me. thankyou.
    the shawl you are making is very gorgeous and one day i will be brave enough to follow a chart and make something amazingly pretty for myself too. probably in that same favored green…
    it’s too hot to knit at the moment but im ready to plan the next thing.
    thanks for sharing

    • Weather envy! We have several inches of snow, just when we thought spring had arrived… longing for sunshine!

      • Yes Let’s pray for Oestre to bring her spring magic to you all in the late colds. I do love the crisp clarity which can come with a chill in the air though. ( please note I’ve never had longer than 3 months in a northern winter, so don’t know the full story:)

      • Hey thanks for following my blog by the way!! Exciting!

      • It is true that the wintry air clears the mind… I think it’s harder this year to enjoy the winter as last summer was far from summer. it feels like it has been grey and cold for soo long. I feel sorry for the wildlife that was just starting to come back to life – been shocked by this i think.
        Though having the excuse to don the wellie boots and wooly jumpers is never a bad thing 😉

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