Castles, Diamonds and Easter Eggs


A myriad of eggy colour

A myriad of eggy colour


Wow – what a week it has been.
After a very unexpected snowfall, which was totally out of character here this time of year, we have been working hard in preparation for Ostara and Easter.
The egg, an age old symbol of rebirth and life has been the basis for our crafty adventures the past few days.

easter 183easter 180easter 193
We have also been sewing for Toby’s handwork lessons and have made some garlands to celebrate the spring equinox.

easter 138
The snow came as such a shock that all of the little birds that live in and visit our garden have seemed very frail with their little feathers all puffed out, sitting huddled together in the Hazel. We thought that, as the egg belongs directly to the birds we should take a pause in our painting and do something for the birds.
This turned out to be a very fun experience as we made them some special high fat treats and an apple mobile. The fat cakes stunk to high heaven as the lard and mealworms heated so the children danced around the kitchen waving incense sticks and opened all the windows: letting big fat snowflakes glide into the room. The birds have been very happy with them though, and the apple mobile has gone down a treat!

easter 010

Even the poor Flora has gone into shock!

Even the poor Flora has gone into shock!

I have also been writing up a new pattern for another pair of gloves inspired by a book I am reading about life in the Tudor court. There was a passage about sleeves encrusted with precious jewels that made the image swim around in my head for days. The pattern is currently up to be test knit on Ravelry here.

easter 025
My kiddies have been very cooped up though and have been such a handful the last couple of days. Finally – finally – we have had some sunshine today. I am hoping this really is the start of spring now, as the false promise of two weeks ago has been hard to let go of!
Today we went to a favourite haunt of ours – Whittington Castle in Shropshire. A community run venture, there is always an event we look forward to, mainly when the House of Black Star medieval re-enactors are there and today, despite the cold, they gave us all a brilliant afternoon.
What have you been working on this Easter? Did the Ostara Hare leave any chocolate eggs in your garden?

easter 175

Look what the Ostara Hare left!

easter 208

Our nature table – what’s on yours?

OUr traditional Easter cornflake cakes! With addes raisins for sneaky goodness ;)

OUr traditional Easter cornflake cakes! With addes raisins for sneaky goodness 😉

Lola. Poor little thing loves the snow - but not so much the snowballs that gather under her arms!

Lola. Poor little thing loves the snow – but not so much the snowballs that gather under her arms!

easter 087





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