Welcome to my world

Who am I?


A Mummy first a foremost to my two children, Toby and Emily.

We took the decision a little over a year ago to home educate the children after Toby had many problems within state education. Unable to send them to a Steiner school at present we base their education around the Waldorf ethos. Click your needles over in the direction of Inspired by Waldorf to read about our adventures.

This is working out wonderfully so far and we wish we had done it sooner.

Secondly I am a fibre obsessive. Knitting, spinning, felting, dyeing or just generally stroking, anything goes. You can usually find us in the woods or up a hill, by the ocean’s edge  or climbing trees. Follow the little trail of yarn clippings and there we will be, me with some form of fibre in my bag at all times.



We try to live a simple, natural and holistic lifestyle, making sure that we connect to nature daily.

Fairy tales and seeking out the enchanted in everyday life is a big part of our lives, as is plenty of craft and art.

I am a new member of a medieval re-enactment group, the House of the Black Star and have met some amazing people through it. I have much to learn from them.

In this blog I hope to inspire and share with you the things which inspire me.

Feedback is always enjoyed and appreciated. Comments on my blog are always loved!

I hope a little woodland magic makes you happy today!


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1 Response to Welcome to my world

  1. lottieknits says:

    Because I love your blog, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog award here: http://lottieknits.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/liebster-award/ (don’t feel obliged to take part if you don’t want to for any reason).

    Lottie x

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