Walnut Mary – the colour changing cardigan

I do not have much of a success story with natural dyeing. I get this fanciful idea in my head that I can experiment and this usually ends in yarn the same colour as when I started.

Take my recent attempts with a cardigan I knitted.


Walnut Mary was knitted in pure undyed wool which I had a vision of dyeing  with some lovely honesty flowers from my garden.

Honesty (Lunaria)

Honesty (Lunaria)

The water became a stunning shade and my hopes were high that I would get a beautifully coloured cardigan. It stayed in the pot over night and came out exactly the same colour it had gone in. But the water was beautiful!

Honesty water

Honesty water

Then I attempted some moss dyeing from a favorite tree which had fallen in the winter…

I tried to convince myself that the smell of damp, mouldy woodland that filled my kitchen would be worth it. Once again I was left very disappointed. I had a slightly greeny grey cardigan which smelled to high heaven.

Post moss dyeing

Post moss dyeing

Finally I decided to give in and try crushed Walnut shells.

My kitchen smelled divine and the colour which came from the warm soaking shells was stunning. Almost the instant that the shells touched the water a deep brown shade drifted into the pan. Just the act of stirring the concoction was a delight. It looked almost like velvet; thick and soup like and with such richness.

I dared not believe it would work – but this time, I seemed to have hit the nail on the head.

a # sk.djh 035

a # sk.djh 045

a # sk.djh 044

The moral of this story? Buy “Wild Colour” by Jenny Dean and actually learn about what I’m trying to achieve.

Have you had any dyeing disasters? What is your favorite natural dye? Which natural dyeing books would you recommend?

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7 Responses to Walnut Mary – the colour changing cardigan

  1. Lisa says:

    I tried to dye some wool red and had no success… Well some small areas came out a light pink but most of it just stayed exactly the same… The walnuts turned out a fantastic brown, yay! Might have to have a read of the book you mentioned. Xx

  2. Wow the final piece is gorgeous! I have had varying success with natural dyeing. See my posts on Eco printing for success. I’ve had a nice purple from purple cabbage with alum mordant I think.
    Happy in creativity. Love your posts

  3. Hi, the necklace was my Mum’s back in the 70s, the cardi I knitted and the skirt was from ‘God’s gift Emporium’ in Glastonbury 🙂

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