Woolly Anticipation

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I was a little late hearing about the yarn show Yarndale this year. It was one of those things I had heard about but having already been to Wonderwool Wales I was content not to go. Or rather, my bank balance was content with me not going. But when I found out that most of my knitting friends were going I realised it would simply be rude not to. So, leaving the kiddywinkles with their Daddy, I hitched a lift with a lovely friend and off we went to Skipton.

I think we got there at the right time, the traffic was gridlocked by later in the afternoon and the queues for toilets and food were very, very long. It shows a true hardcore yarn-a-holic when  you watch women diving into the men’s just to get back to the yarn!

The show its self was a little smaller than I expected and upon initial arrival the sheer volume of bodies made several stalls inaccessible. A second trip around later on in the day meant we didn’t miss anything.

Several of my very favorite stalls were there, Fivemoons, Bigwigs Angora, Eden Cottage Yarns,  Freyalyn’s Fibres,  Hilltop cloud, and Triskelion Yarns  to name but a few. Though the palpitation inducing Oliver Twists were not there, even though their stall was sitting there empty.

Triskelion rainbows

Triskelion rainbows

always a happy sight - the Freyalyn sheep!

always a happy sight – the Freyalyn sheep!


Naturally dyed spectrum

Naturally dyed spectrum


It is the first time I have been to a yarn show with a friend rather than the family.It made me ponder the question as to which are more dangerous to go with. The family wait for me to go around, either popping out for a while and coming back, or following behind with the odd “hurry up Mum”. this usually results in me going round faster than I possibly would and panic buying knowing I need to be quick.

On the other hand going round with a friend who has impeccable yarn taste results in looking at stalls which my tiny amount of self restraint would force me to walk past. Then said friend says those ever deadly words; “feel this”. Two simple little words. And I do. My fingers come out and make contact with the most luxuriously soft alpaca/angora/wool and that little devil on my shoulder is in seventh heaven.  Before I even know it has happened I am thanking a stall holder and walking away with the touched yarn.


#yarndale 020

Undyed alpaca

But my woolly anticipation has not been limited to Yarndale this week. My favorite designer has just announced the release of her first book. The enchanted world of Tiny Owl Knits is now available in print under the title of “Woodland Knits”!!!!!

I can honestly say I actually jumped off my chair and squealed when I read this. Within 5 minuted the book was ordered from Amazon and the anticipation of its arrival is torture!

She is also running a give away on her blog here.

Did you go to Yarndale? What are your favorite things about yarn shows?

I leave you with a few more pictures of Yarndale…

woolly works of art

woolly works of art

#yarndale 009

#yarndale 012

The Mulberry Dyer

The Mulberry Dyer




#yarndale 005

More natural alpaca

More natural alpaca






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Who am I? A Mummy first a foremost to my two children, Toby and Emily. We took the decision to home educate the children after Toby had many problems within state education. Unable to send them to a Steiner school at present we base their education around the Waldorf ethos. This is working out wonderfully so far and we wish we had done it sooner. Secondly I am a fibre obsessive. Knitting, spinning, felting, dyeing or just generally stroking, anything goes. You can usually find us in the woods or up a hill, by the ocean's edge or climbing trees. Follow the little trail of yarn clippings and there we will be, me with some form of fibre in my bag at all times. #118 We try to live a simple, natural and holistic lifestyle, making sure that we connect to nature daily. Fairy tales and seeking out the enchanted in everyday life is a big part of our lives, as is plenty of craft and art. I am a new member of a medieval re-enactment group, the House of the Black Star and have met some amazing people through it. I have much to learn from them. In this blog I hope to inspire and share with you the things which inspire me. Feedback is always enjoyed and appreciated. Comments on my blog are always loved! I hope a little woodland magic makes you happy today! #037 Find me on facebook Ravelry Craftsy Etsy Pinterest
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18 Responses to Woolly Anticipation

  1. I’m impressed you managed to take so many good photos, it was sooo busy I didn’t get that many photos once I was wandering around. I also forgot as I was distracted by browsing. I love these shows for being able to see (and feel) so many wonderful wools that you wouldn’t normally see. Especially the rare breed wools – my favourite.
    After buying too much at Woolfest earlier in the year I felt proud of myself to leave Yarndale with some change. But I still bought yarn which was gorgeous but I don’t have a plan for.

    • Taking photos was my way of avoiding buying I think! Isn’t it lovely to be able to see the colours “in the flesh” too? So often monitors alter the true colour. Call your yarn with no plan for soul food!

  2. knitsofacto says:

    Lovely pics Sarah. As the guilty friend I was going to type ‘sorry’, but heck, good yarn needs a good home 😉

  3. kate says:

    It looks wonderful – and I really, really, want that wicker sheep. I don’t ‘want’ it – I NEED it…

    Lovely photos!

  4. You photographed things I don’t remember seeing! It was so crowded and I’m not very tall. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. Freyalyn says:

    What a lovely blog post. There was lots as Yarndale I didn’t see, as by the time I actually had time or space to wander around, I was too tired to be organised and tended to wash up at a nearby stall and chat (spent ages with Lucy the Tudor that way). Lovely, lovely photos – glad I remembered Gladys the Sheep. She actually got forgotten on Friday for setting up, but of course we were actually at home, being only half an hour away, so she was brought in on Saturday morning.

    • Ha ha, I believe you were in fact washing up with Lucy the Tudor when I came to your stall! “Gladys” – wonderful name – I’ll try to remember that 😉 A yarn show wouldn’t be complete without her!

  6. Jen says:

    I love the way you described that “feel this” moment – so true! Beautiful photos – you’ve captured the colours really well.

  7. Penny says:

    Gorgeous post, I am visiting via Annie’s blog. Made me smile when Annie said those dreaded words…..feel it… Totally fatal for the purse ;o) xxx Penny

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  9. Your photos are lovely! You’ve picked out so many things that I missed, it’s nice to see other people’s perspectives x

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