Dryad Fingerless mitts – a free pattern

Just a little something I thought I’d share…                      


Dryad Fingerless Mitts

Because even tree spirits need something to keep their wrists warm while

Still having their fingers free for weaving magic in the woods!

october 487

snow 287

Plain version knitted in alpaca and Rowan Kidsilk

A quick pair of mitts with minimal sewing,

 started flat then worked in the round.




2 x 3.5mm circular needles 80cm long (or longer depending on how long you like them for knitting with magic loop)

1 x ball Drops Kidsilk / Rowan Kidsilk / Debbie Bliss Angel

1 x 50g ball of standard DK weight yarn (high wool content works best)

Stitch Markers

Stitch holder or waste yarn

Tapestry needle

Skills needed:

Circular knitting with Magic Loop

Provisional Cast On

Joining/knitting two live pieces of knitting together, one behind the other (similar to three needle cast off, but knitting all stitches, rather than casting off!)

Pattern notes:

Tension is not crucial for this pattern. Try to aim for a couple of stitches less than the suggested tension on the ball band (around 5sts per inch).

I find that these mitts work best when knitted with wool as there is no ribbing. I have knitted a couple of pairs in Alpaca and while they are a little looser they still work just fine!

The mitts are one size (s/m). They will stretch happily, but if your hands are large, just up to a 4mm pair of circulars.


K2tog – knit two stitches together as one

YO – yarn over / yarn forward

M1 – make one stitch by knitting into the front and back of same stitch or with your preferred increase method

Kfb – knit into front and back of the same stitch

Once you have gathered all your ingredients and beverage of choice settle down and begin here…

Wrist Frill

With Kidsilk yarn, loosely cast on 60 stitches. Do not join in the round yet- work flat.

Knit 4 rows in stocking stitch.

Next: k2tog to end of row (30 stitches)

Work a further 11 rows in stocking stitch

Next: increase 5 stitches evenly across (35 stitches)

Purl one last row and place stitches on holder or scrap yarn

Main glove

Now working with DK yarn, provisionally cast on 35 stitches.

Knit 8 rows in stocking stitch (working flat still at this point).

Next: (K2tog, YO) repeat to final stitch, K1.

Next: purl

Work 6 rows in stocking stitch.

Now, slip the stitches from provisional cast on onto the second circular needle and, with WS together and RS facing you, knit each stitch with corresponding stitch from provisional cast on.

Next: purl

Transfer frill stitches from holder to second circular needle. Hold these stitches behind the working stitches (RS stitches facing you on both) knit together with each corresponding stitch as before. Do not turn, but now work in the round.

Place Marker at start of round and knit two rounds. (For slightly longer mitts, add 2 or 3 extra rounds here)

Next: increase 5 stitches evenly around (40 stitches)

vikings 003

Knitted in Louisa Harding Grace and Drops kidsilk

Moss Stitch Bracelet Version

Knit 6 rounds, increasing a further 4 stitches on 6th round.

Knit 5 rounds in Moss Stitch as follows

Round 1: *K1, P1 repeat from * to end

Round 2: *P1, K1 repeat to end

Round 3: as 1

Round 4: as 2

Round 5: as 1

Knit one round, decreasing 3 stitches evenly around.

Plain Version

Knit 12 rounds, increasing 1 stitch on 6th round.

Begin Thumb Gusset

1:  K20, M1, K1, M1, K20

2: And all even rounds, Knit

3: K21, M1, K1, M1, K21

5: K22, M1, K1, M1, K22

7: K23, M1, K1, M1, K23

9: K24, M1, K1, M1, K24

11: K25, M1, K1, M1, K25

Knit 3 rounds

Next: Knit 33, slip last 13 stitches knitted onto holder or waste yarn, knit to end.

Next: K20, cast on two, knit to end of round.

Knit 9 rounds. If you find you have a long loop of yarn next to the two cast on stitches, pick up the loop from back to front and knit through the back. On the next round, knit this stitch together with the next – thus closing the gap.

Next: *K2tog, yo repeat from * to last 2 sts, K2tog

Knit 5 rounds

Cast off.

Now, fold picot cast off over and sew seam in place.

Top frill

Working again with Kidsilk, pick up 41 stitches from this inner seam.

Knit 9 rounds.

Next: Increase (Kfb) in every stitch.

Work one round. Cast off.


With Kidsilk return thumb gusset stitches to needle. Pick up 5 stitches around sides and back of thumb opening.

Place marker at start of round and knit 3 rounds.

Next: *K1, Kfb repeat from * to end.

Cast off.

Turn glove inside out and weave in ends. Join the frill cuff seam, but leave outer seam un-joined. You could always thread a ribbon through here for added girly decoration!

Repeat for second mitt.

I’d love to see your version…

Share it here and download the free PDF

© Sarah Taylor 2013

for personal, non commercial use only.

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  1. lottieknits says:

    These are fab Sarah!

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